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Never lose sight of the numbers

Insurance is a numbers game and effective insurance agents stay active and constantly measure their success. These agents know the metrics necessary to achieve their sales goals.

The more people you connect with, talk to, and make presentations to, the greater the chances of making sales. If you only contact five people a week or 20 a month, your business is not going to grow that fast. You need a good pipeline of leads that have been vetted for you and you must make time to connect with all of them. Although your time is valuable, you need to recognize that it is best to spend it in a manner that results in a profit for you and your agency.

Measure everything, the good and bad sale results. Quantifying sales activity helps you to navigate your way to success. Measuring and evaluating your results will help improve and grow your agency. Any contact with potential and current customers offers opportunity for agents to become better at customer service, marketing and efficient time management.

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