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Long follow-up time leads to customer dissatisfaction and sale decreases

Marketing today is as much about keeping existing customers as it is about attracting new ones. If customers have a good experience using your product or service, they are more likely to spread the word.

When those new leads call you, you need to be readily available. While it is true that some days are frantically busy, the truth is that leads can not wait. Timely contact with a person asking for insurance information is key in finalizing sales.

In fact, research has found that customers view the appropriate phone call wait time to be three minutes. When it comes to email, most customers expect a response within one business day. However, in the current technology boom, customers are expecting email response time to be even shorter.

You need to keep track of all the communication outlets and be ready to answer questions, offer solutions and address any problems. Keeping real time leads waiting is not a good idea, because if you wait long enough you may lose the advantage of calling when potential insurance buyers are actively asking for information.

Always work leads first to achieve long-term success in the form of happy and loyal customers.

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