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Four practices for improved insurance marketing

What makes the top marketing agencies so successful? What are the habits and practices that major marketing agencies engage in? Here are four tips that every marketing company should know.

1. Marketing equals investment

There is one universal truth about marketing insurance policies — you get out of it what you put into it. Marketing is an investment of both time and money. A genuine commitment of time, energy, expertise and dedication acts to expand your business, retain existing customers and convert new business.

2. Everything you do is marketing

Marketing is not only the advertising of your company, it is also everything else you do from answering phone calls to designing your website. How agents answer the phones, how long it takes them to follow up, the emails they send, and the help and support they provide to their clients.

3. Strategy takes time-based

The process of marketing takes time. A marketing strategy rarely will have immediate results. Bigger results take time to be implemented and acknowledged by potential leads. Results will build on one another.

4. Measure your success

Measuring your progress in terms of the number of leads acquired is key to success. Only once agencies begin to track their growth, they will be able to see which marketing strategies work and which do not.

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