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Enthusiasm as a sales technique

Sales agents should not discount enthusiasm as a technique for selling insurance. Being able to transfer a feeling about a product or service is the key to making sales. An enthusiastic presentation of a policy or program that would benefit a potential customer or existing customer yields sales.

Striking the proper balance between enthusiasm and over enthusiasm or appearing to be faking the emotion can be challenging. There are two strategies for appearing to be genuinely enthusiastic. The first strategy is to begin using vocabulary that displays enthusiasm. Such words include: fantastic, great and spectacular. The second strategy is to recall a situation where you felt enthusiastic. Keeping this event in mind will help you sound more enthusiastic.

As long as sales agents commit to enthusiasm as a sales technique, an insurance agency could see substantial sales growth. The enthusiasm for a product affects your customers. They get excited along with you and begin to see the value and potential in the product you are selling.

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