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Guarantee Your Exclusive Leads Through Online Marketing

Online marketing can become tricky in that it can produce competition among agents and can prove to be bothersome to clients.

When an online form asking for a potential client’s information is filled out, that information is then received by multiple agents. These agents can then proceed to follow up on the lead. While this may be seen as a positive sign of healthy competition, the potential client might not see it that way if they receive multiple calls from an agency.

“Exclusive leads” allow agents to still buy leads, but the leads are guaranteed to be limited to a single agent. In addition, exclusive leads tend to have the highest rate of conversion because only one agent works them.

Telemarketing and direct mail is a different way of generating leads than when obtaining “shared leads.” Shared leads are provided by lead agencies. Competition increases with shared leads, as multiple agents buy a single lead.

Agents will have various preferences and methods when dealing with leads. There is no right way or wrong way to obtain leads, other than choose what you know works the best for you.

Many agents like the challenge of working leads that others have already worked. It is a challenge for them to hone their sales skills and see if they can beat the odds against the competition. Ultimately, it is up to the agent to determine what works best. Success comes to those who experiment.

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