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Further options for seniors if they miss out on enrolling in Part D

If your insurance agency sells Medicare plans, in most instances you will be able to accurately advise seniors on their particular budget and health concerns.

There will be those who come to you after dealing with another agent or trying to keep up with all the Medicare changes on their own. Their story might go like this: they thought they had all the bases covered and signed up in time, only to discover they forgot to enroll in Part D. Now what?

Part of your job as an insurance expert is to offer various kinds of help to those needing your assistance. While you cannot enroll seniors in Part D, if they missed the deadline, you may offer them some other alternatives. One of which would be to inform them about pharmacy programs.

Many states have very large superstores with pharmacies that offer pharmacy discount programs. If a senior signs up for such a program, they are usually able to buy some of the prescription drugs they need for a discount. Although there are minimal initial fees the discounts received offsets those fees. Giving good customer service is also a good way to keep loyal clients.

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