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Working leads does not mean calling five times a day

If you sell insurance, you know that working your leads is the most important thing to accomplish every single day. However, that does not mean calling leads five times a day and perhaps not leaving a message.

If you bought leads from benepath.net then you know you have quality leads and they have a good reputation for converting, provided you work them properly. Let’s assume for the purposes of this short article that you are new to the business of insurance and are still finding your way around the process of working with leads.

The first thing you need to know is that if you want to build your business, do not get cheap or shared leads. Remember the old saying, “You get what you pay for?” With cheap leads and/or shared leads, you get very little that has the potential to turn into a valued client. The fact is, you may end up calling a lead and finding out the name you are asking for belongs to the family gerbil. It happens.

With millions of Americans working or busy and on the go, there is a good chance when you call a lead, they may not be home. If they have some form of answering service, then be sure to leave a message. Speak clearly and professionally and leave your contact information for them to return the call at their convenience. Do not call five times in a day or you risk the moniker of “pest.”

The best practice is to be professional about following up and make three calls in one week on the initial contact. Thereafter, limit contact to one call a week. This isn’t a race to get customers. It is a polite reminder that you are serious about contacting the potential customer and happy to help them choose an insurance plan to suit their needs. Persistence does pay off.

Just remember to keep those voicemails short and to the point. A 15 to 20-second message is enough. No one likes long-winded, rambling messages. In fact, the longer the message, the better the chances of the recipient hitting delete.

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