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How’s your customer support? Great? Then your customers are enduringly loyal

Don’t just say you have great customer support. Make sure it happens. These days the difference between a good experience and a bad one with various companies, and that includes insurance agencies, is typically the result of a bad experience with customer service.

When customers get superlative support quickly, efficiently and politely, they instantly begin to find a level of trust in your insurance agency. They know their concerns are indeed important to you and that they will be dealt with promptly. Even if the outcome is not exactly as you may have hoped it would be, if the agency gives it their best to resolve an issue, it speaks volumes about you as the owner.

Customers like nothing better than quick service, an attentive customer service representative, access to the agency owner when necessary and an equitable resolution to a thorny issue. Additionally, when offering good customer service, take the time to mention any policy discounts or other incentives to purchase final life expense or term insurance or protection for your college student.

Never miss an opportunity to upsell your agency, services and products. Even when working insurance leads, your contact information is valuable for the next time a potential customer talks to you or wants to get a hold of you later.

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