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Close the sale — not asking leads to close means no sales

There is no sense in working a lead diligently and then not asking for a sale, otherwise referred to as closing the sale. Sure, you may be unsure as to whether or not the prospect is going to convert or not, but if you leave the closing question unasked, you are left in limbo, and “maybe” sales don’t count.

Act like you have the sale in the bag. Talk like they are going to convert. In other words, simply assume there is going to be a sale and nine times out of ten, you will have asked at the right moment to get a lead to buy. While the tenth one may be elusive and say no, “no” does not necessarily mean “no, never.” It may mean “no, not right now.” That is why you continue to work leads even after they have declined to purchase.

You have done your part correctly if when you step back and analyze your call with the lead, you have been leading the individual to the close the entire time you were talking. It’s all in how you close that makes the difference to your sales figures. Sure, there are lots of ways to close, but the easiest one is to simply assume it is a sale and say a friendly “Let’s get your application into underwriting and get your final rate figured out.”

If your close does not work, take the time to find out what the core objection may be and then work to overcome it. Ensure you have a firm follow-up time that you both agreed upon. You may be able to work around their objections and come up with a solution that fits their needs like a glove. Just be prepared for that now-and-then customer that got away and just will not buy insurance, no matter what you say or do. It happens. It is part of the job. Just dust yourself off and get back to work. There is always another prospect on the horizon.

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