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Having good leads does not mean not selling your service and yourself

Having good leads is the first step toward making good sales to build your business, but you also need to remember it is not just the lead that sells a product. Selling includes promoting yourself and your services and products. You are an integral part of the package and in fact, many people do not buy unless they feel they know something about you. So never separate your products and services from who you are and how you do business.

If you want to have an extra leg up over the competition, make sure you sell yourself. Start talking to a potential client in a conversational manner. Make the time to visit with them and find out a bit about their needs and wants. Try not to immediately open a discussion with a sales pitch. Many people do not appreciate being bombarded with sales talk before they even get a sense of who you are.

Ask open-ended questions. Ask about family. The weather. Children. Just be conversational. It is less threatening, and as an experienced agent, you are then able to assess the potential buyer to determine what may suit his or her needs.

Remember not to do all the talking. Listen, and listen carefully.

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