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There are Potential Buyers Who will not Buy

Be wary of customers who say they are ready to buy insurance, but when push comes to shove, they have every reason on earth not to buy.

Yes, it’s true, there are potential buyers that are not going to become buyers. The trick is to be able to distinguish between a “We are not ready to buy — yet” response and a “There is no way we will ever buy insurance from anyone” response.

Those who have no intentions of buying insurance are not always easy to spot, but watch for signs in the conversation that indicate they are not ready or willing to change their life. Most of those conversations are peppered with “Yes, but,” or for every counter to an argument you get yet another roadblock to surmount. Read the signs. Watch for the red flags. Back off and out when your gut instinct tells you they are not worth pursuing. Your instincts are usually right on that.

On the other hand, those who say “We are not ready to buy right now” are subtly leaving the door open for you to connect with them at a later date. This is your invitation to keep in touch, send useful information, answer any questions they may have, notify them of deals or new policies they may be interested in. And always remember to thank them for their time without being pushy.

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