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Not All Pre-Screened Leads will Buy Instantly

Just because you got a good lead and called and got the person on the phone does not mean they are automatically going to get out a credit card and buy a policy.

The thing to remember with sales, and that includes in-person sales, on-the-phone sales and online sales, is that people want to know who you are first before they feel they can trust you. This is where your personality, customer service, knowledge and finesse come to the fore. In other words, spend time with the lead letting them get to know you, get a sense of who you are, how you do business and if you know what your are talking about.

Be prepared to run into those who you simply do not mesh with in any way. It happens. You can’t like every customer and every customer (potential or existing) does not always like you. However, if you have done enough sales and presentations, you have an innate radar warning system that gives you feedback on clients’ attitudes and whether they want to honestly buy insurance or are just kicking tires. It cannot be emphasized enough to listen to that radar. It’s your early warning system that sends up a flag that says more on to another lead.

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