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Not willing to work hard and go outside your comfort zone to grow your business? Consider another line of work

You may have lots of leads that have the potential to convert to sales if worked properly. But if you don’t feel comfortable working them, you’ve wasted your money and time. That hot tips list is your ticket to a better future and making more money.

But, what if you don’t have a list of leads? What if you are just starting out? What do you do? Even without a list of leads, you have plenty of things you can do to attract customers. Begin with webinars once a week and try to make sure you have at least 10 people on each webinar you host. Thirty would be better, but since you are just starting out, a realistic tally would be ten.

Actively encourage questions and feedback. Invite all those who participate to come back and bring a friend. Sessions should be packed with valuable, relevant information about various insurance products. It is important to use live case examples about times people’s insurance has paid off in a big way.

Personal anecdotes sell insurance. Sometimes it’s just that simple.

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