Just because you sent out material does not mean you will get an instant sale

Stranger things have happened, and sometimes sales do happen as soon as you call a lead or send them information they asked to receive. They may have been deciding over the course of months, or even years, that yes, they really do need insurance; and once that decision is made, they buy what they need. Just remember that this is not the rule, but the exception. Remember to go with the flow.

Anytime we figure that a potential customer should be ready to buy, or really should know that they could benefit from having protection, the universe hands us a wakeup call.

“Should have,” “could have” and “would have” are terms to banish from your sales vocabulary. Instead, look at things from the perspective of the customer and not from the point of view of a salesperson. Those who have money to spend take their time to choose what they want and make sure it suits their needs. Those who have a product to sell want customers to spend right away. Those two points of view are diametrically opposite. If you approach a potential sale as though it is entirely up to them to decide what they want and when they want it, chances are your conversion rate is going to go sky high.

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