Get used to rejection: It happens .

Rejection is something we all fear on many levels. But if you sell insurance for a living, rejection is something you should get used to. You may not like it, but it comes with the territory. And here is another thing to remember. Rejection may not mean they never want insurance. It may mean they do not want insurance right now. Keep in touch. Offer information. Answer questions if asked. Send valuable material. The rejection today often turns into the sale of tomorrow provided you do due diligence and do not give up.

Respect rejection. Work with it. Work around it. If you take it in stride, you get used to it. Besides, chances are you have also rejected something you did not want at the time you were asked. It just happens.

Eventually, those who need insurance are bound to ask you about it, since you were the point of connection to information and pricing. And if someone still does not want insurance, do not be discouraged, there are countless others who do.

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