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Success lies in exposing new people to your Insurance agency every day

Business WomanThink about that for a minute. Success lies in exposing new people to your insurance agency every day. But, you think, I have lots of customers and they always need something. That may be the case, but existing customers are not new customers and do not expand your business base, unless they are referring new people to your agency every day. Chances are they are not.

This is another way that selling insurance can work very much like the multi-level marketing (MLM) model. The only way MLM systems grow and continue producing money is by exposing their products to new people every day. Sure, they take care of their existing and repeat customers, but without marketing to new people every single day that MLM company would stagnate.

If you want to take the “safe” rout by servicing only existing customers, that is a personal marketing decision. However, it has the potential to backfire. Only by stretching your wings will you learn to fly in uncertain weather, but still get to your destination (increasing your sales base) in good shape. Try it. You may find you like the updraft of multiple sales coming in.

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