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Sell with passion, not aggression

If you have spent any time studying how to sell products online, whether miracle fruit juices or insurance policies, you have likely run across articles and blogs that suggest you need to be aggressive when selling. These sources claim that you shouldn’t give potential customers the chance to think about what you have said – but to push them hard until they purchase.
But aggressive selling has no place in online insurance sales. T
here are a number of reasons for that, but we’ll only outline two. 

Your target demographics do not tolerate aggression in sales people. Let’s say you sell Medicare policies and Medicare supplements to an older demographic. For an older person, it can be frightening when a salesperson tries to ram a policy sale through before the individual knows what is happening. Many seniors take time to think through things — not always because of cognitive issues, but because of personal preferences. As such, you must tailor your sales pitches to the people to whom you sell.
Additionally, do not view what you have to say to your prospective clients as a “pitch.” You need to strive for genuine interest. Really get into a one-on-one conversation with people. Avoid speaking down to prospective clients, honor their questions, answer them honestly, give them the information they need and always keep your word when you say you will do or send them something.

This routine also applies to younger crowds considering life insurance. Aggression is a huge turn-off. Just don’t do it.

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