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Consider researching how to get your insurance marketing articles published in a magazine

Is this hard? Yes, but it is worth making the effort because magazine exposure is phenomenal. Material for magazine publication must be top notch, well researched, well written and provide something relevant to readers – something that makes a difference to them. Marginal content does not cut it, and, frankly, does not get published.

Hate writing? Hire it out. If you want the exposure and want to try the magazine route, but think your writing leaves something to be desired, get a contract writer to handle it. Give them your idea, the information they need to know to write the piece, and any other sources they might want. Then get out of the way and let them do their job. This is one of the smartest marketing moves you could make, getting intelligent and well-written content done for you. That’s what ghostwriters are for and they can truly make your reputation.

Growing your agency by being a smart article marketer is one of the easier ways to attract potential new customers. Good articles that are informative and talk about something people are interested in garner many potential converts.

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