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Be yourself in your marketing

Throughout the whole experience of learning, growing and setting up your business, you were “you,” right? You didn’t put on airs, talk like a drill sergeant, or barge ahead without knowing what you needed and wanted for a final outcome. You were not acting like someone else. You were acting like, well, you.
There is no need to create a personality for yourself when selling online or in a brick-and-mortar store. Be yourself. The trick to selling to others, particularly to selling things people are often reluctant to buy (like insurance), is to stay in character as yourself. Only by getting to know who you are, and by deciding whether or not you can be trusted, will customers readily buy from you.
Why is that? When a prospective customer feels they know a person, they are more willing to buy from him or her. It’s human nature. If you change into a manic carnival pitch-man when selling insurance, your customers are going to head for the nearest exit – the door in your office or the mouse to click away if they are online. Salespeople often forget that their attitude, energy and behavior are major components in how others choose to relate to them.
If you are genuinely interested in people, want to help them, love to educate about how insurance can protect them and have faith in your products, your sales record will be phenomenal. If you are a “people person,” your sales will reflect that. Look in the mirror. Are you being who you really are when selling online, on the phone and in person? If the answer is no, it’s time to reassess your approach.

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