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Getting your message seen online: Part two

You might be anxious to get your idea or message across to your readers, but you’ll do better to withhold the full point in the first few lines. Persuasion is key. Add in some solid lead content that builds to a better understanding within a paragraph or two. Tailor the entire email to grab attention, but prompt readers to read the first few lines, then ask them to click to reach your your video or other URL.

If you aren’t comfortable writing good copy, hire it out. Your online marketing success depends on well-written, smart and lively copy. If you want attention, time your deliveries and fulfill your promises. Don’t keep readers waiting too long for real information, or they may choose to click away.

Cellphones are now the primary tool for email access. On a small screen, it is especially important to deliver your point quickly, expediently and honestly.

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