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It’s a Lot Cheaper to Use Internet Leads than Direct Mail Leads

For diehards who love direct-mail campaigns because they are more personal than working on the Internet, step back for a minute. In this day and age of social media, Internet leads are far more valuable than direct-mail campaigns, not to mention cheaper.

Direct mail means tons of time creating the right copy, plus the cost and trouble to acquire paper, mailing lists and postage, all at a lower rate of return. Most direct mail these days ends up in garbage cans in the post office. Beat the odds of being tossed without a second glance at your campaign by using Internet leads. Sure, people can delete your email, but it did not cost you what a direct-mail campaign would.

Additionally, with the Internet, more people get to know you “personally.” That’s a good thing, because if people feel they know and trust you, you get more business. Sometimes things are just that simple.

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