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If you want ready to buy customers, order exclusive Medicare supplement leads

Like the idea of ready to buy customers? What agent wouldn’t? But, is there really such a thing? Actually, there are ready to buy customers —- those who want information right away, because they have decided they need a Medicare supplement pretty fast.

If you want customers like that, order exclusive Medicare supplement leads and watch the sales roll in. Don’t count on making a sale every call you make, but it can happen with this kind of lead and that is due to the fact that they are pre-vetted and ready to roll once they are delivered to your in box. Once you get those leads, if you work them immediately, you typically get a sale.

Mostly, the types of leads you opt to buy, are a direct function of how you run your business. If you are able to set aside time every day to make calls, exclusive leads will do right by you. If you can’t find time to work leads, but still want the chance to make more sales, non-exclusive leads might be the ticket. It just depends on what works best for you – personally.

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