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Group insurance leads are not always easy to find these days

Group insurance leads are not always that easy to find these days. Want a great insider tip? The Benepath 2012 Employee Benefits Benchmarking Report gives a pro like you invaluable information. For instance, it contains information on more than 7,500 companies surveyed, it is chockfull of over 20 charts and graphs, it lists various types of health plans and ancillary plans, and it does comparisons based on geographic location, company size and industry type. There’s more, so check it out for yourself.

Stay on top of the latest trends in employee benefits with this report, designed to give you the profitable advantage. Wouldn’t you like to know which health plans are trending and which ones are not, and why? How sweet would it be to offer an employer benefits suggestions they may not be looking at yet? Wrap it all up with this report, and you not only have the right lead, you take the lead. This report is worth the investment, largely because if offers you a good return on your money. It’s money spent it wisely — an investment in your business future and success.

About The Author: Clelland Green

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