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Exclusive Medicare supplement leads are a vital investment in the growth of your agency

It’s not rocket science to figure out that exclusive Medicare supplement leads are your ticket to success.

America is graying, a fact that is mentioned frequently in media reports about the health care system and health reform. It’s a fact that there is a big wave of seniors about to become eligible for Medicare, and once that happens, they will need Medicare supplements. As a busy and experienced insurance agent that deals with seniors on a regular basis, you know first-hand that the growth of your business depends on a constant supply of Medicare supplement leads. You want quality leads, fresh to your inbox daily or weekly, whichever suits your timetable.

Exclusive Medicare supplement leads have a very high closing rate, largely because the audience in need of them is captive – meaning they need to have the health insurance in place, to ensure they are covered. So, what would you need to make the most Medicare supplement sales? You need “exclusive” Medicare supplement leads. Period.

Certainly, there are other things you want to take into consideration, but by and large it’s a vital requirement that your lead generation company must guarantee exclusivity in your selected territory. That means you are guaranteed that the leads you get are not given to anyone else. If you call someone, you will be the only agent talking to them about what they need in terms of Medicare supplement coverage.

The main thing about exclusive Medicare supplement leads is that the exclusivity means higher profits for you, thanks to a higher volume of sales. This means substantial growth for your business and happier clients, because they did not end up talking to just about every insurance agent in the free world.

You have all the time in the world to work with exclusive leads, and deliver the best in customer service. Often, it takes prospective buyers up to eight weeks to make a purchase decision. With exclusivity on your side, you can be assured those buyers are still with you later in the process. So think smart, and make the choice to invest in exclusive Medicare supplement leads. Exclusive then becomes the watchword of a savvy agent that knows how to grow their business the right way.

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