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Medicare Leads Closing At Unheard of Rates

Agents using our Medicare Supplement Leads are reporting close rates of anywhere to 20-40% on average.

There are a few agents reporting even higher rates than 40%, and you can listen to this voice message from Analisa Cleland and how she is closing closer to 50%.

Analisa Cleland [audio:http://demosite.benepath.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/AnalisaClelandTestimonial.mp3]

Why are the leads so effective?

  • They are exclusive – meaning we only sell them to one agent. Yes, we know how some other companies say they are exclusive when they mean semi-exclusive, or that they bought the lead shared from somewhere else but are only sending it to you. When we say exclusive we mean we sourced the lead and it only goes to you.
  • We use search to generate our leads.
  • We are constantly using feedback to improve the lead quality

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