Dealing with Changing Customer Expectations

Meeting customer expectations is a must for growing your business. In the past, meeting customer expectations didn’t mean much more than showing you were good at your job and being attentive to your customers’ needs. With the rise of social media, though, and the resulting awareness that customers have of your competitors, as well as the information they now have at their fingertips, the expectations of customers have shifted. Online customers have expectations that might seem over the top sometimes, so it’s important to understand how you can continue to meet their demands in this shifting landscape.

What Are Customer Expectations?

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Customer expectations continue to grow, so you have to keep up for your business to grow.

Customer expectations can be defined as the behaviors and processes that customers anticipate when they interact with a brand or company. So what do customers want when they come to you? According to a recent survey by Salesforce, around 66% of respondents expect brands to understand their needs, and a large majority of customers are very focused on customer experience. 80% consider the customer experience to be as important as the products and services they are looking to buy.

This means meeting customer expectations is about more than just offering quality service and competitive pricing. Thanks to social media and the internet, you have to go above and beyond to build customer loyalty.

How to Be Ready to Meet Customer Expectations

Most people head online when searching for information or a product/service to buy, and searching for information on insurance or for plans is no exception. So, if you want to meet the growing expectations of customers, you will need to adopt modern technology and capitalize on omnichannel marketing and automation.

Some ways that you can meet and exceed customer expectations include:

  • Personalized service- To give customers a better experience in the digital world, you need to personalize your customers’ journey with every interaction. Don’t rely on a bot to answer them, instead talk to them yourself if at all possible. Offering a personalized experience will grow loyalty for your brand: 80% of customers say they are likely to patronize a brand if that brand offers personalized experiences.
  • Stay on top of interactions- Customers who interact with businesses online expect instant replies that will help them solve their issues quickly. After all, the internet is all about instant gratification! Studies bear this out: according to reports, around 28% of customers expect a response on social media within an hour. Even better, you can anticipate your interactions with your customers by using email automation to help inform your customers about renewal dates and plans that might be right for them.
  • Be straightforward- It’s important to make your website and social media accounts as streamlined as possible. No one likes to go to a website and have to search for their answers, or go through a lengthy process to find what they’re looking for. Customers look for quick and straightforward answers to their questions without having to scroll through your website or social media pages.illustration of a person with a headset on and little bubbles of support pictures around

With the internet at everyone’s fingertips, customers are becoming less patient and are requiring more than ever from businesses. The best way to keep up with growing expectations from customers is to use marketing tools that will help you automate personalized responses, and create informative content that is easy to access.

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Showing Your Clients The Value Of An Independent Agent

Working with an independent insurance agent has a lot of benefits, and it’s important that your customers – and potential customers – know about them. You need to show them that independent insurance agents offer value that captive agents cannot. This will prevent them from seeking help from a captive agent, and from searching for quotes on their own. The more that people see the value in working with an independent agent such as yourself, the more they will continue to use your services, and the more likely they will be to bring others on board to use your services. Share the following benefits of working with an independent agent with your customers, so you can help them understand what you bring to the table and why they should consider doing business with you.

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Take the weight off your customer’s shoulders by comparing all available plans within minutes for them.


70% of people say they would rather research and compare plans themselves than speak with an agent. They don’t want to be hassled or given the runaround, and they think that, by cutting out an insurance agent, they’ll get a quicker, easier transaction. It’s your job to show your customers how easy it is to do business with you. Highlight the fact that you can compare plans from multiple carriers for them in minutes, without any obligation, and that you’ll take the weight off of their shoulders by saving them time and frustration.

More Choice

Make sure your customers know what it means that you are an independent agent. One of the biggest advantages of working with you is that you can offer more plan choices from multiple insurance companies. Make it clear that you have access to multiple plans to meet their specific financial and medical needs, and that you can get them the most competitive prices. Show them how you are able to offer an extensive list of comprehensive coverage options, affordable prices, and possibly even discounts that wouldn’t be available to them if they didn’t work with an independent agent.

Personalized Servicetwo women sitting at the end of a desk with one in a business suit pointing at a laptop screen

Something you can offer your customers that other agents cannot is personalized service and unbiased advice. You work for your customers and not the insurance carriers, and can advise them to make the best choices based on their needs. Show your customers that you go the extra mile to truly understand their needs. Learn their names, treat them like a person, and thank them for their service. Customers might think that most agents just want to make a quick buck, but if you provide them with a more personalized approach, you’ll have a customer for life, and more referrals so you can keep growing your business.


Insurance jargon is not easy to understand, but, as an insurance agent, you have the benefit of being educated on the subject. Let your customers know that you can thoroughly explain to them exactly how their coverage works, that you can help them with the claims process, and that you can provide strategic advice all along the way.

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Independent agents offer peace of mind by offering 24/7 assistance.

Peace Of Mind

Aside from convenience, the next most important thing to customers is peace of mind – they want to know that they’re working with the best agent and that they’re getting the best plan possible. You can provide this peace of mind by being there for them whenever they need help and by providing the best customer service possible. Tell them – and show them – that you are there to help 24/7, and that you are accessible through multiple channels. But also show them that you won’t overuse their contact information or harass them! Anytime they need help, make sure you are there for them. After all, without your customers, you wouldn’t have a business. Make them your number one priority, so you can keep your current customers and also gain new ones.


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