Preaching Insurance to the Choir

Some of your best customers are those that have done business with you for years and know the value of having health insurance for those “what if” moments in life. In other words, they have an emotional attachment to not only having insurance, but to the benefits of the health insurance policy they ultimately bought. Those with an emotional attachment to a product are your best referral sources ever. They use the insurance when needed. It keeps them healthy. They understand the value of having health care coverage. This is a valuable source of referrals for you.

You may have already noticed by now that those with zero emotional attachment to a product may buy it, but not renew it. It means nothing to them despite the knowledge that it could help them stay healthy. If that is not a goal for those individuals, your sales pitches fall on deaf ears. Younger millennials sometimes do not feel they need insurance because they are young and healthy. Yes, “you” know the value of being protected no matter what age a client happens to be – but that idea may fall flat on its face. Try sticking to the choir (your existing clients) when it comes to asking for referrals.

Selling Insurance? Know Your Product

Often insurance agencies sell more than one health insurance policy. Agents need to be able to sell different types of polices. Selling insurance, no matter what type of insurance, means agents need to know their product inside and out.

To successfully sell insurance, agents need to know their products inside and out. You need to intimately know that conditions and terms of all the policies. It is critical to be able to explain the pros and cons to clients wanting information on health insurance. It is all about educating the potential buyer to sell them what they want and need.

When dealing with multiple insurance policies, not only is it important to know each policy, it is also critical to know how to answer tough questions. Clients will often have questions and concerns.

What about counter-arguments? Yes, most definitely you need to have those lined up as well, particularly to the most common objections that you usually hear when discussing insurance. Only by understanding the policies in great depth are you able to close sales and grow your agency through conversions.

Use Conference Lines or Online Meeting Rooms to Promote and Sell Group Health Insurance to a Number of Companies

In today’s marketplace, we need to be mindful of the trend toward more personal service, easier access to the person actually selling a product and how we come across as agents to our existing and potential customers. In other words, we are not just marketing a health insurance policy, but also “US” personally and our record for great service.

Want to sell group health insurance to a number of companies that have subsidiaries? Use a conference line or an online meeting area and bring everyone together for your presentation and work the “room” like a top-selling professional agent that you are. Take any and all questions, ask for feedback, take notes, send information when it is called for and be the best you can be while handling the call. Make sure you also do a follow up with every company on that call to see if there is anything else you can help them with.

Make use of the tools at hand in the digital age and perhaps also consider some of the older methods to reach out and connect. Today, people are looking for good customer service and a seller they trust. Be that seller and your agency can grow steadily and turn a nice profit.


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