The Day-to-Day Responsibilities of Insurance Agents

Trying to figure out if becoming an insurance agent is right for you? Or maybe you’ve passed your insurance agent exam and are now licensed in your state to start selling insurance, but are wondering what your new job is going to be like? If you’re new to the insurance industry or want to start a career in this industry, you’re probably wondering what your day-to-day responsibilities are going to be. Knowing what an agent is responsible for can help you better prepare for your work, and help you become more successful at selling insurance.

Captive Vs Independent Agents

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Captive agents and independent agents vary in who they work for and what they can sell.

First of all, you should know that your responsibilities might differ based on whether you are a captive agent working for an insurance company, or an independent agent. Captive agents are employed by a single insurance company and can only sell policies from that insurer. On the other hand, independent insurance agents don’t work for one specific insurance company, rather they can work with and sell policies from many insurers.

This means that, for captive agents, their duties will be dictated by the needs of the insurance company that they work for. On the other hand, independent agents work for their own agency, so they can often set their own schedules.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities

So what does the typical workday look like for insurance agents? An agent’s daily routine will most likely be similar regardless of the type of insurance they sell, whether Medicare Supplement Plans, health insurance plans, or business insurance. The list of responsibilities that insurance agents have might include, but are not limited to:

  • Calling potential new clients and leads to pitch them one or more types of coverage.
  • Explaining the ins and outs of many different policies to potential new leads and customers, as well as existing customers.
  • Speaking with potential leads to assess their interest in buying insurance, and to collect as much relevant information as possible so they can search for plans.
  • Analyzing policies held by current customers to see if any changes need to be made to their coverage, or if any additions should be suggested to them.
  • person in a suit holding a tablet with options over itPutting together a list of options available to potential leads, along with quotes, rates, and coverage options each plan offers.
  • Renewing plans for existing customers.
  • Maintaining and updating customer records.
  • Helping answer questions, concerns, and any other issues for existing customers and policyholders, including helping with claims.

Finding New Leads/Customers

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Advantages of Being An Independent Agent

When you enter the world of insurance sales, you have a big decision to make: should you become an independent agent or a captive agent? While both types of agent are fully licensed to sell insurance, there is a major difference between the two: captive agents are employed by insurance companies and represent only that company, while independent agents have more freedom to work with different insurance companies, instead of working for them. Going the independent agent route will guarantee you more opportunities for success, because you will be able to offer more to your clients. But that is not the only advantage of being an independent agent.

More Optionsmany white doors lined up next to each other

As an independent agent, you can represent multiple insurance companies; doing so allows you to not only become extremely knowledgeable about different plans, but also to provide clients with more options. Captive agents can only compare insurance plans offered by the insurance company they work for, but independent agents have access to many markets, meaning you will be able to compare plans and find what is truly the best option for your customers, so you’ll end up with happier clients – and more referrals!

Freedom & Flexibility

If you become an independent agent, you will own your agency, so you will essentially be your own boss. You will not only have the freedom to decide which carriers you want to work with, but you will also have the flexibility to set your own hours and choose where and when you want to meet with or speak to clients. All of this means that you won’t have to operate around the traditional 9-5 work day; you can even meet with clients in the evenings or on weekends, so you’ll be able to attract people with tighter schedules.

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Clients will want to work with you if you are an independent agent because they’ll know that you’ll give them unbiased advice. Captive agents will always try to sell clients a plan from the carrier they work with, even if it is not the best option for them, but because you work with multiple carriers, you can actually find the best plan for them.

It is your choice whether you become an independent agent or a captive agent, but ultimately there are more advantages to being an independent one. Not only will you be your own boss, but you could end up as a much more successful seller: customers will choose to come to you because they know you can offer more, and save them more money.


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