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Consumers Love Surprises and Tend to Share Them With Others

This observation is definitely applicable to insurance marketing. Insurance can be interesting, fun, useful and of course necessary, but it does not need to be dull and boring and filled with difficult language. Video or T.V. viewers love pure surprises, the kind that make you smile, laugh and maybe clap your hands and exclaim: “That was a cool ad.” (Yes, it does happen.)

Consider this statistic: ninety percent of viral ads are humorous and pure humor triggers viewing and sharing. So it’s well worth getting your insurance marketing hat on and figuring out how to make “your” agency a leader in your community with well thought out ads that reach out and resonate with existing and potential customers.

Before you start your online campaign, be sure to target viewers who will share your message. People do share content for their own self-interest, in that it is social capital (being helpful and in the know) that makes them click the share button thus creating a viral ad campaign. It’s all about advertising symbiosis when advertisers (your insurance firm) and consumers in the market for insurance, find content mutually beneficial.

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