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Hard or Soft Sell?

If you usually go for the hard sell, stop. Consider how the person on the receiving end feels and then try the soft sell. A softer approach generally appeals to the vast majority of those wanting to buy insurance. You have to remember that millions of people do not have insurance because they hate paying for it, do not think they need it and do not like insurance agents. That is a big obstacle to overcome.

If you put yourself in your clients’ shoes and understand their fears and reservations about buying an insurance policy, and shift focus to answering their concerns, asking them more questions, chatting about what they need to be happy, the process becomes easier.

Selling health insurance is not just about the sale itself. It is about those you are trying to sell to. If your customers do not like the hard sell approach, you could lose the sale. It is about identifying with the client and understanding what they need and want. A little bit of empathy and caring goes a long way when selling anything, but more so when you are selling health insurance. Health insurance is a really personal thing to every potential buyer.

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