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Tracking your daily activities and how it can help a marketing campaign

No many insurance agents track everything that they do because they view this as a time consuming task. However, tracking you daily activity has many benefits to any business. The most important things to track are all outbound calls, all follow up calls and all inbound calls.

You need to also keep track of presentations to various groups, the composition of the group (those wanting Medicare, those wanting group insurance, those wanting family insurance, etc.) Meticulous tracking allows your agency to stay organized and well informed. Tracking, also, provides the parameters for your success and gives you the feedback you need to tweak ad campaigns, the sales process and your approach to customer service. But most of all, tracking tells you what is not working so you can adjust.

Make adjustments slowly and only one at a time. Changing campaigns too soon and too often is a common mistake. Without careful analysis you may not be sure what part of a campaign is not working. Always make changes slowly and make those changes to just one portion of a campaign.

For example, you may have a mailing campaign for Medicare. It is not performing well. Is it the content? Is it the pictures used? Is it the promotion campaign? If you change all those factors at once, you will not know what the issue was in order to avoid it later.

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