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What is your marketing strategy?

Maintaining a strong relationship with clients is the key to growing your agency. Often, however, everyday business gets in the way. Therefore, it is most important for agents to stay connected online. Your online presence should give a united and cohesive overview of you and your agency.

Having inconsistent information on you website(s), social media and email messaging will send mixed messages to your current and prospective clients. On the other hand, having a consistent marketing strategy will help you establish a solid foundation for your agency. Your agency is your business and unless you completely understand your marketing strengths and weaknesses, it is best to not jump into marketing without direction.

Here are some ideas to get you started on creating a marketing campaign.

First, everything you do online needs to look and feel the same to your customers. People want to feel that they trust the agent and their agency. Make sure that your website is well-designed with correct and up-to-date information.

Second, when developing and correcting your website content find out what your costumers want to know and learn. Blog posts and informative pages on your website will keep your audience interested.

Thirdly, stay updated on your social media. If you do not have any social media accounts create them. Social media is proven to be a useful tool for connecting with old customers and potential leads. Anything you write online and anything you send out to clients should include social media links for easy access.

Furthermore, when dealing with customers one-on-one, agents need to be able to have in-depth information on their products, be able to assist their customers and find the best coverage.

If your marketing strategy ensures that your agency provides excellent customer service, stays active on social media and stays on brand, then you will build strong relationships with current clients and gain trust from prospects.

It is an investment in your future.

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