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Efficient marketing of prices and features

When selling insurance, the competition is going to be marketing the same or very similar policies to those you sell. The insurance industry is mature and the products tend to not change often. Therefore, the points you have to work with to sell and market your product efficiently are features and pricing.

While it is difficult to market features, it is not impossible to do so. And the best way to do that is to creatively combine features on policies that can put your agency in a competitive lead. The one thing you also need to be aware of is that once other insurance agencies and agents notice that you are combining features, they are going to try something very similar, and that means, you need to make another marketing change. It some ways it is a bit like a game on one-upmanship, except you are always on top of the game and staying competitive in a creative and useful way that appeals to your customers.

What is the end result? The more creative you can get with combining policy features, the more customers will come to you to see what you can do for them. Play with pricing in competition with other agencies and see how it works out for you. A sure way to find the best way that works for your firm, is to perform market testing. Only then will you find out what potential clients need.

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