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Medicare Supplement Leads Sales Tips

Once you have your Medicare supplement leads, you’re ready to roll, by contacting them and finding out how you can help them. Here are some ideas to get you rolling. Sure, you have a pre-qualified lead, pre-screened and likely ready to buy, but keep in mind that they do not always buy immediately. Don’t give up right away. Tuck the lead away, review it every week or so for anything you might have missed in the first call. Drop them a line by email, adding new information as it comes in about Medicare supplements. Ask if they have any further questions and send them printed information without being asked.

It may take a prospective customer up to six weeks to make a final decision about buying Medicare supplements, largely because they need to be sure about what they are buying and whether or not it suits their needs. Just work the lead until it is completely exhausted. The good thing is with Medicare supplements, you rarely lose a sale.

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