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Exclusive Medicare, Group, Commercial and Health Insurance Leads

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Benepath provides you with     ●     Real Time Data Leads     ●     Phone Calls     ●    Aged Leads

100% Exclusive Insurance Leads.
We manage 100% of our marketing efforts.
We are not another aggregator.

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100% Exclusive Leads

You will speak to more interested consumers with Exclusive Leads and start making more sales! Your time is important, so work more effectively with Exclusive Leads.

We Brand You

We show shoppers your quotes and personalized thank you pages.

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We Are Not Another Aggregator

We manage 100% of our own marketing, utilizing search, content, and social to generate leads and deliver them to agents across the country. We use your feedback to make continual improvements to our campaigns to maximize your sales.

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Get a first hand experience on how one of our longest tenured clients, Ken Brannigan, gets the most of our leads.