Danny Goldman

Just wanted to thank everyone at Benepath for giving me the best leads in the entire marketing world.  Without your service, I would not be able to grow my business as fast as I would like to see it grow.  Thanks to your exclusive lead program I have been able to double my entire book of business in just one year!!!  Best wishes to you all at Benepath and keep doing whatever you are doing there because it is working for me.  You are a blessing to my business and I could not be happier with the results you have provided me… thank you once again for all you do for independent brokers like myself.

Brandon Williams – Trustpilot

My expectations as an agent is to acquire a good percentage of REAL leads that I turn into Contacts and Subsequent Closes. Benepeth provides me this. Their Sales and Customer Service are second to none. I am always treated with the respect and courtesy every aspect of their business. They always answer phones and handle requests with friendly service. I have used multiple lead companies in the past and without question Benepath has provided me with the best leads as well as professional and courteous customer service that I have experienced.

Heather Masterman – Trustpilot

I have been getting all of my Life Leads from Benepath for two year now. Before Benepath I was getting my leads from another company that was selling me recycled leads. When I made contact with the lead they were so overwhelmed with the amount of calls they received that they were less likely to buy a policy. With my Benepath leads I receive the lead information in real time. Benepath prides themselves on providing truly Exclusive Real Time Leads to their agent. The entire Benepath team is great to work with. There really is no other lead company out there that has the quality that Benepath has. So, I highly recommend them.

Steve Groehn – Trustpilot

I was pretty surprised when I first called them about their leads because the sales person didn’t start filling me up with nonsense about how their leads are the greatest. He just told me how they get their leads, that they are exclusive and that my leads get to see my information on their website.

I’ve been with them for 6 months now, and I get good leads, ok leads and some bad ones – but they are legit, not people playing. They credit the leads with bad info and Judy has been great with service. Def recommend them. Oh, I get medicare supp leads and close about 15%.

Eric Salinger – Trustpilot

I usually don’t spread the word about good lead companies because I don’t want other agents tapping into my lead source. However, the team is Benepath is very professional and have always taken care of me. They act like a true business partner, which is rare in this industry. I sold 23 medicare supp policies last month, getting 74 leads, making the leads very profitable for me!

Jentrey Shannon – Trustpilot

Benepath is hands down the best way to start, and grow your business! They take great care of the agents, and are fair with returnable leads. Overall I am more than pleased working with them for the time I have, and I plan to continue investing more, knowing my returns will be not only huge, But consistent!

If you understand the simplicity of filling the roll of the authority figure! And honestly advising your client in the right direction, then stop wasting time and watch your business grow with benepath!!

Thank you to the Benepath Team for your support and kindness!!

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