Hot tips to market your insurance agency — how many are you doing?

Marketing insurance these days can be a bit of an uphill battle. That simply means you need to get creative to make your agency stand out.

Here are some hot tips to follow. How many of them are you doing?

  • News releases
  • Website Videos/Client Testimonials
  • Solid marketing plan for your insurance agency
  • An up-to-date website for your agency
  • Appropriate/applicable website analytics
  • Search engine marketing strategies for insurance agencies
  • Social media marketing strategies
  • Website visitor identification
  • A specific e-marketing plan for your insurance agency
  • An active blog
  • Online participation by Vlogging
  • Insurance webinar marketing
  • SEO and PPC insurance ads
  • E-brochures/case studies
  • Newsletter
  • Insurance agency telemarketing
  • Appropriate call to action for all marketing materials

Feel free to be even more creative in marketing your insurance agency. The sky is literally the limit when it comes to finding creative ways to maximize your exposure.

The two main ingredients to success in the insurance business are relationships and exposure

While the formula for insurance business success is mostly a no-brainer — get lots of exposure and build lasting relationships — there are a significant number of agents who do not know how to go about making that combination work for them.

Once upon a time there was no social media to leverage and calling friends and family and those you already knew was the key to building a business. While that, in part, remains true today, selling insurance is less about chasing the warm market and more about paddling in the social media pool. Think about the significant number of people you can reach on social media with your message — millions versus one call, one visit, one relative and so forth a week doing it the old way.

With contacts numbering in the millions, you cannot beat that kind of exposure. The issue is you need to know how to leverage that kind of access. And if you do not know how to use social medial to your advantage when selling insurance, you need to learn or get left behind.

When it comes to exposure and relationships, the old ways worked. However, today’s technology never stops evolving and relationships and exposure can happen at a heady pace if correctly leveraged. Use those marketing dollars to invest in training. That’s smart marketing.


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