Final Expense Leads

Now Offering a Single Product vs Final Expense

With our relaunch, we have combined senior life insurance leads with our life insurance leads.

We are no longer offering age filters, policy limits, day parting, health filters, and the like.

If you’re interested in global life insurance program and can work with interested consumers ages 18-90, we would be glad to help you!
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100% Exclusive Final Expense Leads

Combined with All Other Lead Types

Stop Racing to the Phone!

Supercharge your sales with exclusive Final Expense leads. At Benepath, we special in exclusive leads – that’s what we do! There’s no need to compete with any other agent, because each lead is yours and yours alone!

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Utilize our resource center in the broker portal to ensure your success!  View the best practices for selling, follow up strategies, call patterns, sales scripts, and much more!

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