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Exclusive Commercial Leads
Business Owners Policy, Workers Compensation, and more!

How We Generate Exclusive Leads

Not many companies can truly say they sell exclusive leads only. The consumer sees your customized, branded thank you page and knows exactly who they will be speaking to!

Take a walk through the consumer’s shoes!

Talk Directly to the Decision-Makers

Connecting you with companies looking for a health plan is something we have excelled in for the past 10 years. We get more than just a name and a phone number. We ask all the up front questions along with extra information like census data and current insurance status! These extra details ensure the highest production and growth for your Group business.


Consumers actually expect your call and know your name! Each agent gets a customized thank you page after the prospect completes our form, showing your picture, your logo and brief description about you or your agency.

Hit Your ROI

There’s no need to race to the phone to compete with other agents! We connect one consumer to one agent, not one consumer to many agents. Your time is important, so work more effectively with exclusive leads.

We Listen to You

We use your feedback to make continual improvements to our campaigns to maximize your sales. We can sync our system to you CRM to allow for Real-time feeback to optimize and track your success.