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What do you get a Benepath Lead account?

  • AN EXCLUSIVE CONNECTION. Our exclusive leads match you with consumers searching for coverage in your territory. Once we connect you, no other agent receives that lead.
  • CLOSE UP TO 3x MORE PROSPECTS. Shared leads are over-contacted, already-sold, and have low likelihood of answering your call.
  • WORK LESS AND MAKE MORE. With exclusive leads, contact rates are higher than shared leads.

Pricing for Your Agents – Select Which of our Products Apply to Your Business

  Medicare Supplement Calls
$19.95 $59.95
Individual Health Calls
$19.95 $74.95
Group Health Calls
$89.95 $89.95
Commercial P&C Calls
$39.95 $59.95
Life Ages 18+ Final Expense 50+
Statewide $24.95 Statewide $29.95
Counties $29.95 Counties $34.95


*Pricing and products are subject to change due to current market and availability

Here’s what some of our agents have to say:
“I absolutely love the Benepath exclusive leads. This program consistently brings me high quality leads who not only know that I am calling, they are typically eager to speak with me! Since starting on the Benepath program my business has really picked up and I spend less time prospecting and more time selling.”

Fred-Allen Self, WI
“These are, hands down, good leads! I've worked with many lead companies in the past, and currently I have 2 other vendors. When Benepath says they are different from the rest, they really are. I have phone conversations with most of the leads, and because of the set up Benepath has, most of those leads were expecting my phone call”

Lucner M., Combined Insurance