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We strive to always deliver high-quality, exclusive leads to our customers. However, every month we have left-over leads that don’t make it to a home. Working these “aged leads” will help increase agent productivity for a fraction of the price of a normal lead. Contact us today to view aged leads in your territory!

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100% Aged Lead Types Include:

Health | MedSup | Life | Group

Talk to Actively Searching Consumers

For Aged Health Leads, over 40% of leads have families and the median age of each lead is 44. Leads come from consumers visiting our sites, not from hundreds of affiliates. Customers report close rates as high as shared leads for 25% of the cost!

Pick Your Territory and Volume

Pricing and availability depends on your territory and volume. Check to see how many leads are available in your state!

Aged Leads are Still Interested

We tested these leads by sending an email to a random sample, and guess what we found out?  That over 85% of the email addresses were still valid! Additionally, over 20% of the consumers opened the email with the subject line of “Save on Health Insurance”. Now c’mon, this is spam we sent and over 20% of the people opened the email!