Trey Williams, Chicago IL

I wanted to take a few minutes to express my complete satisfaction of my relationship with Benepath.

I have been a Health Insurance agent since 1999 working in multiple fields of the Health Insurance Industry – from working as an Independent Agent to a Sales Director with a major Health Insurance Company. During my tenure I have worked with many lead companies supplying leads for agents, agencies, and for myself.

I have worked with Benepath / Judy Sotorrio for three years now and there is not another lead company out there I would consider working with!! A lead is just a lead and is only as good as the agent that works it. What sets Benepath apart from all the other lead companies is the service I receive on top of the quality of the leads compared to what I have experienced in the past. I purchase only exclusive leads with Benepath and that is exactly what I always get.

Working with Benepath hasn’t been just working with another lead company, it has been a partnership that has greatly increased the success of my agency!


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