Kirby Thomas, California

Wanted you to know that when it comes to leads, I have my own ideas about what makes a lead a good lead.

Top of my list: I want to get the prospect on the phone as soon as possible after the lead shows up. If that doesn’t happen my chances of success start to fade. When I call the leads from Benepath, people are there to pick up the phone. Sometimes, they are a bit surprised that someone actually called so fast, and they are real prospects.

“Wow, I just did that seconds ago!” is common. Of course, sometimes they need to be touched later for follow up but the point is that I now have the expectation from the moment I get the lead that I will get the person. This is not the case with a number of other lead providers leads, where I call, and call, and call – as if their computer is 5 miles from their phone and they just can’t get to it!

“I started purchasing leads from your company earlier this year. I’ve found your leads and company to be one of the best in the industry and I’ve referred you to several others.

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