Jonathan Brackin, Colorado

As an agent looking for quality leads, Benepath has provided me with the HIGHEST quality leads I have used in the last three years – all of which are EXCLUSIVE to me! I have often considered starting my own website & using search engines to generate my own leads, but I don’t know much about lead generation through the internet. This is exactly what Benepath has done for me. Rather than spending countless hours trying to market, I can simply hire the experts at Benepath to do it for me. And I only have to pay for actual leads generated, rather than my time wasted trying to learn. I strongly believe in partnering up with people & companies that are experts in their field, in order to maximize my own production. By using Benepath, I have been able to DOUBLE my production in the last 4 weeks!

And I can’t say enough great things about Clelland Green, the owner of Benepath! He has been absolutely a pleasure to work with. It’s so very nice to speak with an owner of a lead vendor who actually works with you to maximize your lead ROI, and Clelland has a system for maximizing your lead-contact ratio that is absolutely fantastic. I HIGHLY recommend Clelland Green & Benepath for any agent looking for quality, exclusive leads.


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