Joe Walker, Health Insurance Agent

All I can say is WOW Clelland! I’ve been selling insurance for over 10 years and I used to buy shared leads from all the usual suspects. I made the typical sales out of those leads and was satisfied because I just didn’t know how good leads could actually be! Thanks for opening my eyes to how valuable it is to have truly high quality leads who have not been harassed by telemarketers before you ever speak to them!

“I have never seen leads as qualified as the leads I get from Benepath. I talk to more interested people than ever before. What’s more, your system makes my job so easy. Its just point click and call, no more piles of leads sitting next to me on my desk. I can now easily find and contact the opportunities that are going to make me money. Thanks so much Clelland! I’m making more sales and it’s a lot more fun!


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