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The team at Benepath is awesome! Judy is a rockstar! I have been in the insurance business for over 13yrs, I have used many different lead programs to supplement my door knocking and referral prospecting. I decided to try this platform very conservatively to see how it measured up. My experience with the Medicare leads provided by Benepath was very good. Obviously I can only speak for my experience. Here are some numbers from my experience with Benepath: Total # of all Leads= 16 Total # Return Approved Leads= 8 Total # Confirmed Leads= 8 Total # of Contacts= 5 Total # of NO Contacts= 3 Total # of Leads Sold= 3 Total # of Apps= 5 Total Rolling Lead Cost= $139.80 Total Commissions= $1,027.00 Profit= $887.20 Your results will vary and remember that it is a numbers game, that said track your business and know your stuff and you will be more successful. Anyway, I hope this helps, some of you!


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