Insurance Marketing Made Simple With Planning

A well thought out marketing plan can make or break an insurance business.

We all know that if we want to grow a successful insurance agency, we need to have a steady stream of leads to work and follow up. To do that, you need to always have a marketing plan. Yes, you need to plan to be successful, but surprisingly, not too many people do that. Planning is strongly advised in your business and personal life, but for this article we are covering the value of having a marketing plan for your insurance agency.

One of the most important things to constantly do is test, test, test and then test again. We mean test all of your marketing methods. Your idea might be terrific but if you do not measure/test it small, you will never truly know if it would work large. Start with a small test and gauge the responses to see if it has the potential to work or not. So, that means test your ad copy, incentives to buy, headlines and other content.

No, you do not test it all at once. You test it one idea at a time. If the first item being tested needs a change, then only make one change. If you do not do it that way, you will not know what is working and what is not. Here is a quick list of what to be testing, constantly: different response forms, various headlines, different guarantees, various newspaper/billboard ads and test different offers. The list is endless, so make sure you have your list ready to go and stick to it.

What niche are you intending to market in? If you do not know, it is time to get smart and use target marketing. First figure out your niche – say Medicare/Medigap or final expense insurance, then target that market into segments. Segments can include: spending habits, demographics, shopping patterns, goals, etc. You can segment your order for leads to cover the various areas you want to target.

Once you are set up with your marketing plan for success, you will need to monitor the progress of your strategy. When needed, you might have to adjust and alter your strategy in order to obtain the results you are seeking. From there things are going to go smoothly on the road to growing a thriving insurance agency.

Master the Phone, It Is Your Best Marketing Tool

Sometimes making a phone call to someone about buying insurance is difficult to do. Even with a script these phone calls can be awkward. What do you do? Invest in exclusive leads from a reputable lead generation company, such as, and get only the best. Your leads can be sent when you want them, as many as you like, in the demographic parameters you prefer, daily, or weekly pre-screened and ready to talk about insurance.

Imagine that – a list of people ready and willing to talk to you about buying insurance. People who are actively looking to buy a policy of one sort of the other, who want answers and are likely to buy fairly soon (if not immediately) after you have spoken to them. Investing in pre-qualified leads that come only to you and are not shared with other agents is the perfect way to smart market your insurance agency.

In fact, if you previously hated making phone calls, investing in leads from a lead generation company is a wise move to grow your agency. It saves you time, frustration and the pay off in conversions is well worth it.

Have You Determined What Your Best Marketing Technique is for Maximum Exposure?

Sometimes knowing what you want to accomplish to grow your insurance business is entirely different from what happens. In other words, marketing does not always product the results you would like it to produce. This is where tracking results comes in handy – it is vital that you track marketing results for every campaign you launch.

If you do not track marketing results for every campaign, you will not have any idea of what is working for you and bringing in conversions and what is not. And here is one other tip, do not make wholesale changes to campaigns all at once. Only make one change at a time. That way you can get a better idea of what change made the difference. Sure, it is tough to make just one small change because you are certain if you change the whole thing it would be better. Sometimes that works. Most often if does not. It is only by taking small steps forward and changing small things first that you can identify what made a difference.

While it is frustrating to wait for results, in the long run patience and in depth analysis wins and gets you on the road to growing a successful insurance agency.

Are You an Expert at Assessing Your Existing and Potential Customers?

By being an expert at assessing your existing and potential customers, we mean do you understand your audience? Do you know their desires, needs and wants? Do you know what is likely to motivate them to buy insurance? What solutions do you have to offer those who want insurance but are not sure it is right for them, right now?

Always ask yourself, who is your target audience? Are you aiming to market to seniors, college age students, those with new families or individual policies? Do you have a clear vision of whom you want to sell to and what products would suit the lifestyles they may live? Better yet, have you written down what you want to accomplish, who you want to market to and how you plan to do that?

The fundamental point here is that having a clear marketing plan and having a record of how you want to get where you want to go is part of understanding your audience. The last thing you want to do is try to sell the wrong kind of insurance because you were not clear about your client’s needs.

Consider Webinars for your customers


Have you given any thought to marketing to you customers via webinars? If not, this is the time to start. Insurance policies and insurance in general is often a difficult topic for consumers to understand. Who better to explain it to them online, but you.

Your customers have come to know you as a person and as an insurance agent over a long period of time. They may have even filed a claim that you helped them with and they recall how knowledgeable you were. These customers are the best ones to target to begin with because online webinars can be done in the privacy of their home. Once you get into the swing of things updating existing customers about new policies and/or policy changes and what they mean, it is time to focus on potential clients.

Invite potential clients to an introductory webinar featuring the area of insurance they are the most interested in. An example could be final expense insurance. Contact those who have expressed an interest in this type of insurance and put together a webinar outlining the pros and cons of the product, what it covers, what it does not cover and the most sought after features that customers would find appealing. E.g. funeral and burial expenses would be covered.

Many people relate to their environment visually and showing them a video on the webinar that explains how final expense insurance works, plus a Q & A session, is a creative and smart marketing move. It is also a relatively inexpensive way to use your insurance agency marketing dollars.

Want to be Successful Selling Insurance? You Need a Consistent Way to Market Product

Selling insurance can be a challenge. No one would really argue with you on that point. That said, if you have the right attitude, the requisite training and stellar leads, nothing is going to hold you back on your way to the top.

What do you need to get to the pinnacle achieve success? One of the things is a blog and not a blog that only gets posts sporadically, if at all. You want a blog that is current, relevant, in plain English, filled with up-to-the-minute news about the insurance industry and how it affects various customers.

Say you sell Medicare supplements. Your blog needs to be right on point, contain the best information you have that is current, a way to contact you with questions and links to pertinent information for readers. Use short videos and clear, eye-catching photos. Make the content shine and have it written from the viewpoint of the consumer, because, after all, they are the ones who need your product.

This is your chance to stand out from the competition and provide the kind of information older Americans need and want prior to making a decision about what Medicare supplement is right for them. Market educationally on a consistent basis and success is yours.

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