Sell insurance? Only join insurance related groups, right? Wrong

Don’t just stick to your own groups. The best networking is to be had by joining other groups as well and not just those comprised of other agents, brokers, wholesalers and insurance carriers. Scout around for groups applicable to your demographic target market. For instance, small business owners who may need group insurance, or senior’s groups discussing Medicare and Medicare supplements.

Think outside the box as they say and it will become second nature for you to expand your searches for prospects into many seemingly unrelated areas and groups — because no matter what the group, everyone is bound to need insurance of some sort. And one other tip that comes in handy as well. Look for any lead names you bought from a lead generation company on LinkedIn. It’s a good way to start a conversation about other things, including insurance.

Good communication is not just relevant when it comes to your insurance website

Although you may be aware that communicating with your customers and potential customers is a vital requirement on your website, you may not extend the same thought to your blog or your LinkedIn profile. Some business gurus update their profiles religiously and there is a good reason for this. Those updates make them highly visible and showcase their experiences.

If you want to be sought after and regarded as an insurance agent or broker to deal with because of your experience and expertise, make sure your contact information is detailed and clear and includes your address, a link to your website, blog and/or YouTube productions and a phone number where you can be reached. Yes, a working phone number that connects directly to you. LinkedIn is not a dating site. Your phone number is only used to do business and make a date to discuss insurance options or a group policy proposal for a small business.

If people cannot connect with you, you insurance business is not going to grow as much as it could.

There are other ways to market besides electronically. Make sure to use them

Even though e-sales and marketing is a thrill and challenge and can hit massive numbers of people, there is still the tried and true traditional method of marketing – ads, direct mail, snail mail, networking and cold calling. Don’t eschew the old standbys and just e-market. Mix things up and use all methods of marketing. It is a good way to determine what really works the best for you when the comparables start coming in.

There is just one caveat when e-mail marketing, and that is Don’t overdo it. One email too many from an insurance agent is likely to get your emails blocked. You need to remember that the average number of promotional emails an individual receives may run up to 20 such missives a day. That means your email needs to stand out from the crowd and snag a reader’s attention. You don’t want people to scroll on past your emails.

How do you create read-worthy emails? It’s all about effective content. Work to create an actionable subject line — a call to action is best. Use images and different shapes in your mail. Designers recommend rectangles and squares to prompt readers to act. Circles and ovals are for telling brief stories because no one likes reading too much text. Make sure the overall effect is not cluttered, thus making your email look well organized and attractive.

If the science of email marketing is new to you, take the time to research how it works. It can only bring you more success in the long run.

Never forget that marketing is time and budget driven and if you take the time to do it up right, your ROI is bound to justify the investment.

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