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Benepath has been a leading partner for high-quality, self generated leads for over 10 years. If you are looking for highly engaged solar consumers, you have finally found your answer.

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I’ve been working with Benepath for more than a year, and we couldn’t be happier with their leads. Jennifer and Jen and Jim have been wonderful to work with, and the fact that we got their account up and running while the rest of the world was pretty chaotic and slightly in shambles is just another testament to what they’re bringing to the table with their professionalism individually and as a team. Together we’ve been able to run a few different campaigns, both very traditional and straightforward, and some not as cut-and-dry, and Benepath has been in lockstep with us the whole time. In the solar residential lead generation world, there are many people that TRY to be media buyers/advertisers but fail quickly because the skillset is NOT the same as “being an affiliate” and driving traffic to a page, but Benepath is able to pull it off with very few if any hiccups along the way, which these days is like finding a specific needle in a needle-stack, it just doesn’t happen. I know because that’s what I’m looking for 24/7 and only get the unicorns once in a blue moon. I don’t know anything about them except for solar residential leads because that’s all that we do here at Clean Energy Experts, but if they’re bringing the same people and toolkits and passion to their work in other verticals, I would 100% sign up for their leads in a heartbeat.
Andy Worford
Clean Energy Experts

Feel the Sun

Kick back and let high-interest solar leads come to you. Projections for the solar industry soar up to over a third of global electricity by 2050. Now is the time, and people are jumping to get on this renewable resource, which means they’ll be needing an agent.

Rise with Solar

With cost-saving promises and tax-cuts, solar is becoming the sensible option for power. Residential and commercial customers are in the market to purchase and install solar panels, and you can be the one to help them. These are the leads you need.

We know your time is important, so vet all new prospect to ensure only interested consumers make it to your CRM. We strive to deliver the highest quality leads because your success is our success.

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