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As an insurance agent, finding quality leads with true interest in purchasing your Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Plans can be challenging. Without a trustworthy source of leads, your business’s growth could suffer. That’s where Benepath, and our exclusive, real-time lead generation process, comes in. Benepath serves insurance agents and brokers by providing them with pre-screened, high-quality data leads that are actively looking for Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans. 

There are many advantages to getting Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Plan leads from Benepath, including: 

  • All of our leads are exclusive. So, you can rest assured knowing that the leads you buy are only sold to you. Giving you the very best chance to convert them into sales. 
  • Our lead form and targeting systems make sure that each lead is qualified and truly interested in obtaining a Medicare product before we give it to you. 
  • The data that we capture during our lead generation process allows you to customize your lead preference based on location and more. 
  • We strive to offer affordable pricing for our leads. After you and our representative agree on a price, there will be no other unexpected costs. 
  • We always offer our agents stellar customer service and marketing tips, so you can turn those leads into sales! 

All-in-all, if you are looking for a reliable supplier of exclusive, high-quality Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Plan leads, Benepath has all the boxes checked. 

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Seniors Have Gone Digital

Everyday thousands of Americans turn 65. With this milestone comes some changes, including the switch from an under-65 (U65) health insurance plan to a Medicare plan. Most seniors will need either a Medicare Supplement Plan or a Medicare Advantage plan to help them keep their medical bills under control. And they’ll need you to help them find the right plan for them.

So how can you connect with these potential customers? Well, these days many seniors are internet-savvy, and are searching for plans online, making them much easier to reach. Keeping all of this in mind, Benepath has made the process of connecting Medicare consumers to agents even easier. 

When it comes to Medicare leads, we offer two different data lead products: Medicare Advantage leads and Medicare Supplement leads. 


Medicare Advantage Leads

Medicare Advantage was established in 2006, creating a private insurance plan alternative to traditional Medicare. Since then, the number of people signing up for Medicare Advantage plans has steadily increased. In fact, in 2022 Medicare Advantage plan enrollees accounted for 48% of total eligible Medicare beneficiaries. On top of that, the 28 million people enrolled in an Advantage plan in 2022 made up a stunning 55%, or $427 billion, of total federal Medicare spending. 

Needless to say, Medicare Advantage is trending in the right direction. The number of enrollees will continue to grow as the word keeps spreading about the potential benefits and savings of these plans. With these opportunities at hand, our job is to make sure that you get a piece of the pie!

Since our Medicare Advantage leads are always high-intent, after closing sales you’ll be more likely to retain many of these clients for policy help in the future. We’ve found that when agents provide consumers with a positive experience, they will be more likely to trust you and come back again and again. Not only does this mean more sales, but it also means establishing a good reputation in the field. 

So, if you’re interested in diving into the ocean of opportunities that is Medicare Advantage. Our exclusive data leads may be the perfect starting point.


Medicare Supplement Leads

Medicare Supplement Plans were created in the early 90s to help address the coverage gaps in Original Medicare. These plans are sold by private insurance companies. They are intended to cover specific out-of-pocket costs that aren’t covered by Medicare Parts A and B. Including the 20% Part B coinsurance and Part A deductibles. 

Like Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Supplement Plans have continued to see steady growth throughout the years. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, in 2020 around 14.5 million Medicare members were enrolled in a Medicare Supplement Plan. This is an increase from the 12.9 million people just a decade prior.

One of the great things about Medicare Supplement Plans for both Medicare beneficiaries and you is that beneficiaries can purchase one of these plans any time of the year as long as they already have Original Medicare. This means year-round sales opportunities for agents! If you sell Medicare Supplement Plans, you’ll never have to worry about a depleted market. And, with the high levels of satisfaction most beneficiaries have with Medicare Supplement Plans, you’re sure to have customers for years to come.

With an increasing number of baby boomers becoming eligible for Medicare, our Medicare Supplement leads can provide your business with the boost that it needs!


How we generate our leads

If you’re wondering how we generate our leads, you should know that all of our leads go through a multi-tiered screening process to ensure quality, intent, and exclusivity. Our marketing team focuses on a number of techniques to drive consumers to our website. Including SEO, display advertisements, social media, and email marketing. But the majority of our leads come from search engine marketing (SEM) with platforms like Google and Bing. 

After a consumer reaches our landing page, they can either fill out a short data form, or they can call our 800 number. Our data form asks for the user’s ZIP code and other demographic information. After they complete the form, they will be receive a “Thank You” page. Which includes the matched agent’s name, company logo, and “About Me” blurb if available. The agent that we have paired them with can then contact them via email and phone. 

But if the consumer decides to call our 800 number, we will put them through a short interactive voice response (IVR). This ensures that they are truly in the market for a policy, before sending them off to an agent. Though our process is simple, it is designed to ensure that every lead or call we sell to an agent is exclusive, real-time, and high quality. 


Medicare Lead Prices

Our Medicare Advantage data leads vary in price. Pricing varies depending on factors such as geographical location, like preferred states or counties, and the volume size of the order. For example, leads in less populated states may be cheaper than those in more populated states.

For Medicare Supplement data leads, specific geographic targeting and order size will be the main determining factors for your price. 

Prices for Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement calls vary in price depending on the duration. For example, calls starting at the 90 second mark may be a different price from calls starting at the 120 second mark, and so on. Other factors include geographical filters such as state, county, or ZIP code.



  • Are your Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement leads exclusive or shared?

Benepath offers exclusive data leads and phone calls. We create a one-to-one link between the customer and the agent. Meaning each lead generated will only be assigned to a single buying agent, not multiple agents. 

  • Can agents return leads? 

Yes. Every agent can return leads in the broker portal that is set up with every new account. Your portal also allows you to put your account on a vacation pause, examine leads, view invoices, alter your “thank you” page, as well as download invoices. 

  • What types of leads do you offer? 

We offer real-time exclusive leads, aged data leads, and inbound calls in the following verticals. Health U65, Medicare, Group Health, Life/Final Expense, and Commercial P&C (workers compensation, BOP, Liability).

  • How can I be sure that your Medicare leads are high-quality? 

We vet all of our leads through a multi-step generation and verification process. We are sure to always use email and phone verification procedures. This ensures that the information we sell to you is accurate and genuine. 

  • What closing percentage do agents see with your leads? 

Closing rates vary from agent to agent. In general, we see that agents who do regular follow-ups with calls, voicemails, texts, and email, tend to have better success and higher close rates. 


If you are an insurance agent seeking top-notch Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement leads or calls. Benepath has the tools you need to expand your business. With 15 years of experience in the insurance industry, we strive to help your business achieve its goals by providing high-quality, exclusive Medicare leads. 

Working with us and our qualified leads and calls will put you in a position to talk to consumers who are sure to be interested in the Medicare products that you offer. Our real-time lead gathering process will save you time, money, and resources. To find out more about our Medicare leads and our other lead generation services, fill out our form or call us at 888-684-3121. Thank you!